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Sound fills gaps, empty spaces, voids, personality gaps, lacks of confidence, something that should be in our minds anyway but is not in the first place. It helps translation, a better  understanding and imagination of a concept, a feeling or a vision. It tells something when words cannot, it shows something the eyes cannot see. 

I have a very curious personality and I find in music infinite explorations. Its mystery, complexity and diversity take me every day to another level of passion/interest/enthusiasm. It shares a lot with architecture, a massive scientific, mathematic part, linked to a sociological vision. Music is diving into people's minds, to try to understand them and carry them. It is always ahead of expectations to keep listeners interested. It put walls where they should be and windows on the world.

I started producing music with a group of friends in Paris when I was a teenager, and it quickly hooked us all. We are now all following diverse paths in the sound industry, composers, producers, promoters or engineers. Then I moved to London, where I worked as a sound designer for several videos and for London's fashion week. I enjoy working alongside artists where there is exchange of ideas. 

Club culture is a very important part of our society. I did a few gigs as Dj, from B2Bs with my mates in small suburb festivals close to Paris to five hour sets with wonderful sound systems in London's high-end hi-fi venues. 


Like a Swiss knife, I am polyvalent. Nowadays it is possible to learn a great amount of things through the internet. I am not sure I will ever find a standard career within which I will reach my personal maximum. I think in tomorrow's world it will be more about finding the right people to do the right things and everyone would be neurons of a great system that can do things in a more interesting way than what a few personalities could do before. 

My vision is growing closely to technological advances. Sound technologies and the interpretation of technologies go farther and farther every day. Sound designs are always more powerful, rhythms have never been that complex and still they carry huge crowds into the same feelings. 

I wish I could be all of these things, but if I had to choose one it would be music producer. It is for me the best way to blend the artistic and the scientific sides. I planned everything in my life very carefully, and it is the first time I do not know what I am going to be interested by or looking for in a few months, but I am satisfied enough with what I do to not be scared and keep going in that direction. 

Music lets people look for anything they want. May be from perfection to accurate filthiness, from the darkest feeling to the brightest, from the most intriguing to the more beautifully obvious melody. 

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