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Peace by Salome Ressencourt
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Conceptualization is one of the most interesting parts of my work. From understanding an issue, a behavior and trying to understand and to explain it, to using it as a base for a whole work and giving its identity to a project. This part is even more interesting in our time, we have access to a huge amount of studies on every subjects, so it is a lot easier to put together bases for a project and define its limits. 

Art is biaised window on the world. It is supposed to support an idea so that is can grow, and show a way of thinking and to  apprehend a part of the society. It is even more important in today's world as real news are hardly accessible. It is important understand the present to forecast the future.

To translate an idea into an art form, the artist needs to master every tool. The set of tools necessary for a piece of art varies from one piece to another. Even more right now, the industry creates more and more instruments every days, with more possibilities of mixing them. Techniques and technologies are huge part of art today. That is a big chance to be able to learn this technical side of the sound, to understand production, be proficient with new tools and keep track of technologic advances in real time. It will be a challenge to be able to update our skills all our life to technological improvements going faster and faster and it is up to the artist to choose if he wants to be diverse technically diverse or master one tool. 

What is less variant is a skillset as when a skill is acquired, it takes only a little bit of practice to keep it forever. Skills come in all shapes and forms from the ability to work in a group, find inspiration, the right person for the right project, to researching efficiently, always keeping looking forward  and planning in order to be creative without wasting time. 

My biggest challenge is to become organized and to keep track of everything I do. I think it's necessary to avoid certain projects to be more focused. It is very hard for me not to give a go on several ideas I have and to accept that I leave this thought for later because I do not need to take it forward at this moment. I usually deep dive in every idea or inspiration I have, which often results in nothing because something else comes and takes over my focus. 

That is why I chose to study and to challenge myself with deadlines. To be able to fix this issue that makes me not finish something I started. To organize a work and be able to trust someone else's part in that work while I focus on mine. This way the objectives are kept clear and delivered on time. 



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