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Guardian Angel by Jesse Kanda

In video games, you build your character's personality based upon what you wished you were in real life. If you put an extra point in a strength, you take away from another. A personality is then a balance, the best you could find, between your strength and weaknesses. The video games characters we build help find about our own personality in the way that we would naturally go fo the the opposite of our personality cause we know we will be more efficient if we are challenged over something we are good at.

To improve your workflow, you want to be able to fight your weaknesses by using your strengths. For example when you provoke an issue, and want to get out of it as smoothly as possible, you will use all your strengths to solve it. Knowing that you naturally miss skills in a certain part of your workflow, you are then able to use another skill to counterbalance your problem and maintain your focus on the final result. 

That is why whenever I am trying to improve, I always look for qualities that will fill the gaps. 

For example, I have a huge lack of concentration. I am a bit messy and my mind is constantly spread over a hundred topics. I can barely stay focused on something for more than a few seconds before I think about something else. Acknowledging made me realize that to keep up with my work, I need to be really organized, make a lot of lists and research as much as possible upfront so I have all the ideas in my mind when the work needs to be done.

Also, because I wondered why I was so unfocused I figured out that I was very curious. I see this as a really important quality, to be able to balance my weakness, as if I am not focused it means I am learning or discovering something else. Which may not seem relevant now but might be later.

Another of my weaknesses is being too judgemental, I have a critical way of seing things and it is one of my most questionned personnality traits. I have been called pretentious enough time to reckon I was, and even if I deeply dislike this personality trait, I believe it has some positive effects. The most important positive side is the constant challenge it sets. When you judge someone else's work, you impose some new challenges on it which forces it to improve. That is my way of working, if I have an objective, I will go through, and almost before its over I will set a new one, which forces to always look forward to the next step.

This leads me to my last point, energy and group effort. The most important part of building a team is finding this balance between challenge and consolidation, between explosiveness and concentration. Keeping objectives in mind but always looking forward.

Slow by Jesse Kanda
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