Nightmare of white elephant by Henri Matisse

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Monsieur Loyal by Henri Matisse

It all really started with clubbing I guess, meeting people with the same taste admiration for electronic music and being like "Oh we should do this together !". So, together we created an association with the goal to be heard and put together a scene to try and combine different arts while being free to expose very personal concepts and visions. 

We organized a few events in some clubs in Paris (Pigallion, La Foule Electronique, Le 4 Elements), played at a festival as well and a few private parties. We tried to create an immersion by representing all of our different arts (Music, photography, painting, installation) at every single event. 

Quickly after that started, I became in charge of project very big for the novice I was. I was asked to put together the music for my girlfriend's fashion school's catwalk show. I went to a workshop where all the students were and worked together to create the piece. I asked them about the feelings they wanted to give with their works, what they were listening to, what they got inspired from and finally synthesized my notes into a thirty minutes mixtape. This was a very challenging project, I remember recording the mix 30 times before I had it right. 

I kept on working for fashion shows later on. I have been in charge of the music for the last two fashion shows of Faustine Steinmetz during London's Fashion week. With each time some really specific requests and very short deadlines. It was both times compositions of a thirty minutes ambient piece and two remixes of songs we chose together (related to her collections). It was such an amazing feeling to have your music played in a huge room for someone as inspiring as she is. 

I also produced music for several fashion films, mostly in fashion. Fashion designers always have a lot of inspiration, they are usually open to experimental ideas and cutting-edge sound designs. Trends in music, design and fashion have a lot in common, they are all results of society and demographic evolutions, which makes it really interesting to collaborate. 

I really appreciate to work in a team, having this ping-pong effect of being able to work with another mind with different skills, the most specific they are, the more interesting the release will be. I chose the example of Jazz series by Henri Matisse to illustrate this. Jazz is communication between different voices and elements that interact at different levels to tell a story.




Jazz by Henri Matisse
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